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The container generator sets adopt advanced sound-absorbing materials, through scientific design, and adopt advanced technologies in the fields of acoustics and airflow to achieve the goal of reducing the noise of the generator sets, which can be divided into three types: low-noise box type, low-noise mobile type and machine room noise reduction. It is suitable for construction in places with strict noise pollution requirements, such as hospitals, office places, open air and fixed places in the field. The generator set is convenient, quick and easy to operate. The details are as follows: 1. 20 feet for 1250KVA and below, 40 feet for 1250KVA and above; 2. CSC certification in line with the international container safety convention, the whole unit can be directly used as standard container shipping, greatly saving the transportation cost; 3. Container girders are made of square pipes (different from standard containers) to improve the mechanical strength of containers and withstand higher dynamic load impact of generator sets. Packing type diesel generator sets have standard and silent type: 1. According to the design and manufacture of international standard containers, 20 feet for below 1000KVA and 40 feet for above 1250KVA; 2. With CSC certification in line with the international container safety convention, the whole unit can be directly transported as a standard container, greatly saving the transportation cost; 3. There are two explosion-proof lamps in the container/one explosion-proof lamp on the manufacturing screen, which is convenient for users to operate and maintain; 4. The front and back of the container can be opened, and side doors are set on both sides of the container to facilitate the maintenance and repair of users. Ladders are set outside the container; 5. All hinges, locks and bolts are made of stainless steel, and anti-wave and rain-water intrusion devices are installed in the container; 6. The control panel and output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container, which is convenient for users to operate daily and connect output cables; 7. The standard configuration is permanent excitation PMG system, which provides the motor start-up ability and disturbance resistance to waveform distortion; 8. Fuel tank and pipeline, oil discharge, muffler, etc. have many unique designs, which are favored by users; 9. The sound box is equipped with high performance, anti-aging and flame-retardant sound insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials, with excellent design for air intake and exhaust to reduce noise. Optional: fuel automatic feed pump (or control valve)/coolant feed pump/dual oil and water separator/automatic parallel system, etc.